Our Promise

OTIF Delivery

On-time, in-full delivery has been our core for the last 9 years. Expree is fresh off the block, but it’s run by a team that has dedicated the last decade to understanding how campaigns are delivered – under all circumstances.

Price guarantee

The perception value of our experiences and products is always more than the retail value to the consumers – this is the key to adding brand value. which will win you brownie points for going that extra mile.

Pan India Coverage

We understand that your team is spread all over India and you may want to recognize your people from everywhere. Worry not! We have built a network of +50,000 partners all over India – and have something to offer everyone.

Curated Partners

We have an expertise in vetting and curating partners. The experience providers have been curated by a team of experts who work towards providing the recipients with not only an exhilarating, but also a safe experience.