Air Asia


Air Asia has been awarded world’s lowest cost airline for eight consecutive years in a row. They have an exhaustive in-flight menu with a range of products and services their consumers and frequent fliers can shop from. This mostly includes - Air Asia merchandise and other physical products. Air Asia wanted to diversify offerings to their consumers flying into a new city.


We curated a set of city-specific experiences in and around cities like - Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai. This list had been provided by Air Asia. The city specific experiences covered all categories like Gourmet, Adventure, Sight-seeing, Wellness to name a few. For instance, people could purchase dining experiences – cuisine specific for respective cities, adventure activities around the city, and so on. These experiences could be used by the customer themselves or could be gifted to someone else.

Value Add

Air Asia could diversify their offerings to customers and also add brand value since people talk about experiences to friends and family.