Amagi is a leading media company headquartered in Bengaluru. Amagi loves pampering their employees on personal occasions like birthdays, work anniversaries and weddings. They have an ongoing rewards program and keep gifting their employees every month. Until recently, they have been gifting their employees gift vouchers and a greeting card with a nice message. Although a lovely gesture, it had lately gotten a little predictable – it was time to break the habit with Expree.


Since Amagi was gifting people on primarily three occasions, namely, birthdays, work anniversaries and weddings – we created three occasion-based boxes for Amagi. For instance, the wedding Expree box for newlyweds contained exclusive candle-lit dinners, fun couple activities and a couple spa sessions to choose from.

Value Add

Amagi could gift their employees a break from routine at the perfect opportunity – when they wanted it the most. This helps build a sense of bond to the place of work and helps Amagi retain their people and showing them that they care.