Zynga is a multi-million dollar gaming company, and has the tradition of gifting big every year – they love indulging their performers. They have previously gifted character merchandise from games they have developed - including hits like FarmVille, Zynga Poker and more. All this merchandise is proudly displayed on all desks, however, merchandise gifting misses the “zing” in Zynga.


The prospective recipients are a fun bunch of people, many of whom have previously been gamers. We created an Expree box for Zynga that included a mix of international trips, luxury chauffeur services, Balloon Soccer amongst others. The price range of the boxes was from Rs.5000 to Rs.50,000 depending on the recipient’s seniority.

Value Add

Zynga put a “zing” to their Employee R&R program and were also able to gift memories to their performers. The recipients earned themselves some bragging rights because they work at Zynga, in addition to an awesome experience.