Bharati AXA


Bharati AXA is known for running various initiatives for their employees. This is to ensure iteration is minimum and also to develop their employees’ interests both personally and professionally. AXA runs reward programs throughout the year, and were keen to improve the way they reward their Quarterly Performers.


The team at Expree first understood the consumer profile, i.e., quarterly performers. Everyone was in the age group of 23-28 with an active lifestyle, hobbies and a passion for travelling. We curated experiences from adventure sports, hobbies to weekend getaways - which made it an interesting mix of experiences for this set of people. More than 30% of the employees redeemed their favorite experience within the first couple of weeks of the program launch.

Value Add

The performers felt appreciated because of the effort made my AXA to do something different. This program not only instilled a sense of pride among the audience for their place of work but also connected them to their passions.